Fast Wheels for Cool Cars

Fast Wheels

If you have cool cars, you definitely need fast wheels! Wheels are an important part of your vehicles. Since they are in direct contact with the road, you need to make sure that they are reliable and will not fail you. Although you may find yourself driving mainly in the highway, many variables exist to affect driving conditions. First off, it’s not just the wheels that will make your car run faster, that will depend on you and many other factors. But it can certainly help your vehicle cope with the different stress that you subject it to.

If you have nice wheels, it can improve the overall look of your car, it may even become one of the cool cars. This is especially true for car enthusiasts who are on the lookout for aftermarket wheels, or those that can make their car look good. We’ll present some tips on choosing the right wheels and also some useful information that will help you take care of the wheels of your car.

Wheels, Mags, Rims and Tires, what’s the difference?

I’ve heard this question several times already. For some, the difference is pretty simple. But then, if you visit car forums, it’s just plain confusing! So here, we are defining these terms so we can understand what they are all about.


In its broadest sense, a wheel is a circular object that revolves on an axis and helps move objects, vehicles or machinery. As a slang, wheels may also refer to a car. But in its modern usage, especially in relation to a car, the wheel is the metal to which you attach the tires of your vehicle. It’s the metal part of the wheel and tire package.


The rim, although used interchangeably with the wheel, is actually a part of the wheel. It is the outer edge of the wheel, which holds the tire. The rim is the outer circle part of the wheel, which in turn, is attached to the outer spokes of the wheel to which the tire is attached.


Mags are a special kind of wheel made from magnesium alloy. These kinds of wheel were called “mags” as a shortcut for magnesium. They became popular in the 1980s as they were installed in cars to improve their looks and performance.


The hub of the wheel is in the center. It attaches the wheel to the body of the car through the axle. It’s also connected to the brakes. It has a hole in the center, which serves as the axle port.

Tire or Tyre

Tire (American English spelling) or tyre (UK and Australian spelling) is the rubber component of the whole wheel. It’s usually made of rubber and consists of  tread and body. It provides traction and support to the vehicle.

The history of the wheel

Here’s a nice video that shows the history of the wheel from Prehistoric times.

If you don’t want to watch the video, you can just take a look at the following INFOGRAPHIC to understand the history of the wheel.


Looking for the best wheels

You car usually moves out of the Showroom with OEM or stock wheel and tires. They are nothing fancy but they do the job. But if you are a car enthusiast, a tuner, or if you just want a better-looking car, then you’ll probably look for aftermarket wheels and tires. Sometimes, the stock wheels look ugly, and doesn’t complement the look of your car.

Wheels do affect the performance of your car. If you have a sports car or a luxury car, then you should also outfit your car with alloy wheels! Not only do they help improve the look of your car, alloy wheels also conduct heat better than stock wheels. They also help reduce weight and improve handling of your car. Depending on your intention: whether you want to do some drifting or drag racing, wheels can help you achieve what you want. Your car can also become more fuel efficient if you choose the best wheels!

One important consideration is the size of the wheels. Depending on your car, the wheel can be anywhere between 12 to 20 inches. If you are using light trucks or larger SUVs, the wheel size may even be bigger. Make sure that the size of the wheel is appropriate for your car.

You can do some plus sizing, which means increasing the size of the wheels in which your car originally came with. For example, if your car’s stock wheels are 14″, you can plus size it by upgrading to 15, 16, or 17 inch wheels. Take note, however, that plus sizing will have an impact on your car’s speedometer. So make sure that you do proper research before you do this.

Another important factor in choosing the best wheels is the design. The hubs and spokes of wheels vary. And they can make your car look better. But in some instances, though, they can turn your car uglier. Some wheels are made for specific car models so better make sure that your wheels are the right fit for your vehicle.

Rim Diameter (in)
Rim Width (in)
Bolt Pattern (No. of Holes)
Bolt Pattern (Pitch Circle Diameter) (mm)
Ave. Amazon Rating
American Racing Outlaw II AR62 Machined Wheel with Clear Coat (14x6"/5x4.5")1465114.34.7
Ion Alloy 12 Silver Wheel with Machined Lip (14x6"/5x114.3mm)1465114.34
American Racing Estrella AR95 Machined Finish Wheel with Clear Coat (14x6"/4x100mm)14641003.3
14x5.5 Sendel S20 Trailer Machined w/ Clear Coat Wheel Rim 5x114.3 5x4.5 0mm Offset 81.03mm Hub Bore145.55114.3
Pro Comp Alloys 7069 Flat Black Wheel (15x8"/5x4.5")15854.55
Mickey Thompson Sidebiter Gloss Black Wheel (15x8"/5x4.5")1585114.35
Motegi Racing MR116 Matte Black Finish Wheel with Red Accents (15x6.5"/4x4.25, 4.5")156.541085
Motegi Racing SP10 MR2743 Hyper Black Wheel with Clear Coat Finish (15x7"/4x100mm)15741005
15x8 XXR 522 (Flat Black) Wheels/Rims 4x100/114.3 (52258082)15841005
Motegi Racing MR116 Matte Black Finish Wheel with Red Accents (16x7"/4x100mm)16741005
American Racing Casino AR383 Silver Wheel with Machined Face And Lip (16x7"/5x115mm)16751155
Motegi Racing FF7 MR2378 Glossy Black Wheel (16x7"/5x100mm)16751005
Pro Comp Alloys 7069 Flat Black Wheel (16x8"/5x5")1685127
16x7 Mazzi Blade (370) (Chrome) Wheels/Rims 4x108/108 (370C-6720)16741085
16x8 Rebel Sahara (Matte Black) Wheels/Rims 6x139.7 (772-6883)1686139.75
American Eagle 140 16 Black Wheel / Rim 5x5 with a 2mm Offset and a 94.62 Hub Bore. Partnumber 1408785016851275
Moto Metal Series MO957 Matte Black Wheel (17x9"/6x5.5")1796139.74.8
Helo HE835 Gloss Black Machined Wheel - (17x8"/6x5.5")1786139.75
Motegi Racing MR116 Matte Black Finish Wheel with Red Accents (17x7"/5x100mm)17751005

Is it wise to buy used wheels?

If you’re short of budget but still want to upgrade your car, it’s very tempting to buy used wheels. They are cheaper by as much as 50% than the new wheels. If you’re only after the financial savings you can get, then it makes sense to buy used wheels. But is it only about the money?

One important concern in buying used wheels is safety. How long has the previous owner used the wheels? Were they repaired or reconditioned? Did they meet or cause any accident? How about the driving style of the previous owner? Are there any cracks, dents, or crookedness in the used wheels?

Sometimes, though, if you’re not careful, you may end up paying more in repairs and other costs if the wheels turn out to be duds and they require extensive repairs. So before you ever buy used wheels, ask yourself if you’re not willing to wait for till you get more budget.