Is the Suzuki Alto 2013 Next Year’s Cute Car?

Suzuki Alto is small. But cute? Not exactly. With the latest boom in the small sedan, sub-compact class of cars, just about any carmaker jumped into the proverbial bandwagon. Never mind that some of these cars seem to fit under the big trucks that ply the highways.

For long drives, it’s not probably a good idea to drive this small car. But still, the Suzuki Alto 2013 is worth considering if you’re just driving within the city. City driving means traffic, right? So let’s take a look at this small cute car and how it might fit in your pocket (figuratively, of course!).

suzuki alto 2013

Thankfully, in terms of design, the Alto has a compact classic look. Its designers at least thought about aesthetics and styling. Its interior is pretty roomy. It’s not the best, okay. And if you’re a heavyweight, you might consider a bigger car for you! But for the average Asian guy or girl, this car just might be the answer to your daily commute! If you sit in the driver’s seat, you’d feel comfortable. and elegant. It’s a small car, no doubt, but it has some big features! It can easily carry up to five folks. But that might be pushing it. You better just let a maximum of four people in!

It’s front headlamps also look stylish, as well as the tail-lights and its wheels, too. But don’t expect too much by way of cargo space. If you don’t have passengers at the back, you can fit in a lot of things. Otherwise, it’s not going to carry much of your backpacking gear.

This car features a 1.0-liter engine with 4 cylinders. Not bad huh?! Then you get to enjoy a 5-speed manual transmission. Oh boy, this small car is efficient and economical! You won’t go broke just trying to feed it gas.¬†With climate change being the talk of the town these days, we really need an alternative without compromising on our needs and requirements for travel. This small car is definitely the answer to that.

suzuki alto 2013 interiorIn terms of pricing, you also can’t go wrong with the 2013 Suzuki Alto. It is inexpensive. It’s just right for the budget of a newly married couple. Its price currently stands at $12,800. Not bad eh? It won’t be too impressive to bring though, if you happen to be a single guy who’s looking to have a date on a Saturday night. But then again, if getting there is the main goal, you just might surprise your date that you get to her place (or yours) rather quickly, inspite of the traffic.

This car is cute. In a not-so-cute way! It’s cute in that it is small–both in size and cost. It gets the job done–it takes you from Point A to Point B. True, it’s not the Executive’s Dream Car. But it’s close enough if you are saving up money so you can end up becoming an executive in the future, too!

The Suzuki Alto 2013 is definitely a good choice for a car next year. It can quickly maneuver even in traffic because of its size and its fuel-efficiency.

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