Sportivo X: The Isuzu Crosswind 2013

In 2011, the Isuzu Crosswind, together with the DMax pickup, received the Auto Focus People’s Choice Award. It’s a pretty prestigious award. Crosswind received the Best AUV Award, not a bad feat for an 11-year old SUV model! It also boasted the best on-board entertainment setup. I’ve driven a Sportivo before, and I can definitely attest that it is a nice, solid SUV that packed in the punch and the best features for an AUV!

This coming year, the 2013 Isuzu Crosswind Sportivo X will come along with better features. For one, the cargo space had been redesigned. And a roof basket is added to beef up its looks. In previous years, this model from Isuzu is perceived to have the best value for your money’s worth. It’s not a big muscle SUV. But rather it’s considered as an Asian Utility Vehicle. All the same, it gives you bang for your buck and you won’t feel bad that you spent money for it!

Who is the Sportivo X for?


It’s a great ride for the family. With 13,000 units sold in the Philippines this year, it is definitely making its mark in the country. It is spacious and can hold almost all family members. You gotta exclude grandpa and grandma in the count though if you have 5 kids! It’s also safe for kids. You can lock the doors and protect it against accidental opening of your cute kids. In terms of safety, it is Euro-2 compliant.

It is also a great ride for business owners who need to go to different kinds of terrain–highway, dirt roads, uphill, and downhill, you can easily make your way. Sportivo X is powered by a 2.5-liter diesel engine, which can pull with 83 horsepower and torque of 185.3 Nm.

My brother-in-law owns a construction business and he goes to Zambales from Manila and back. His Sportivo is well suited for all kinds of business transactions that he has. If you have to use it to climb the mountains and you encounter fog, worry not, you can use the halogen lamps that come with this unit!

Its interior is classy with beige-colored seat covers. The room for your legs is ample. And the dashboard is sleek. It is minimalist in that it does not have lots of embellishments. But it certainly does the job. The entertainment system is also top-notch, complete with LCD display and a backing sensor that will help sortie through tight spots.

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