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Toyota Hilux USA was a series of compact pickup trucks. Seven generations of Toyota Hilux have been launched till date. Hilux had different models even different names for North American and international market. In 1976, Hilux name retried from North American markets in favour of compact trucks or trucks. However, in most of countries Hilux name has been used for all seven generations of the truck.

toyota hilux 2012Hilux’s production started in 1968 with 1.5L engine and RN10 short wheel base. In 1969, a long wheel base was added to the truck. The long wheel base model was only introduced in North America in 1972. In 1971, it was upgraded to 1.6 L I4 engine. For Global Market 1st generation, Hilux from 1968-1971 was powered by 1.5 L 2R I4 engine and from 1971-1972 was powered by 1.6L 12r I4 engine. However, for North American market the 1st generation of Hilux in the year 1969 was powered by 1.9 L 3R I4 engine, from 190-1071 it was powered by 1.9L 8R SOHC I4 engine and then in 1972 by 2.0L 18R SOHC I4 engine.

From then on, almost every new version of Hilux that was launched had an additional feature. In1972 new luxury cabin was added to it with the RN20 wheel base. In 1975, the Hilux was redesigned, and made more comfortable the SR5 package was introduced.

Global Market

1972-1978 1.6L 12R I4 engine

1974-1978 2.0L 18R I4 engine

North American Market

1973-1974 2.0L 18R SOHC I4 engine

1975-1978 2.0L 20R SOHC I4 engine

By 1978, Hilux was named as Toyota Pickup in the US market. In 1979 four wheel drives as a part of Hilux was introduced. With every generation that was introduced a new feature, better engine and transmission where introduced.

In 1995, Toyota Tacoma was launched in USA as a replacement of Hilux, which was being produced under the name of Pickup. Tacoma was designed keeping in mind comfort, ride quality and safety of its drivers. There have been 2 generations launched till date of Tacoma. First generation was launched from 1995-2004 and the second generation from 2005-present.

Today, Toyota Tacoma has been one of the most popular trucks on the road. In America alone, Toyota has sold 106,000 Tacoma in 2010. It is almost a ratio of 2:1 truck more than its competitors. With this success under their belt, they are offering Tacoma 2012 with new exterior and interior looks.

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